So, how does it work?

Our platform makes it easy to collect all of the data needed to accurately measure the impact of your event.
We gather information from you the event organiser, the venue and your attendees
What does it measure?
Capturing your data to establish the carbon impact of venue power consumption, collating delegate, exhibitor and crew travel to understand the carbon output of each mode of transport, calculating emissions from catering choices, highlighting waste levels and tracking the footprint of promotional items and branding.
Carbon Consultancy Steps Graphic

1. Pre-Event Scoping

An initial appointment with you and our Sustainability Specialist to ensure we fully understand the brief for the event and discuss how we will capture the data needed for our calculation.

2. Carbon Estimate

We'll take the initial information provided, using our verified carbon calculator to create an initial estimated footprint for your event.

3. Impact Report

We'll produce a simple to read report highlighting the carbon output estimated for the event, and offer some ideas on how you could reduce the impact of the event.

4. Consultancy

Using the output of your report, we'll consult with you on the many ways you can reduce your carbon emissions, highlighting any specific areas of your event where improvements can be made.

5. Carbon Footprint

Post event calculation of the exact footprint and a final report giving you a full breakdown and the total Co2 tonnage for your event.

6. Offset Programme

We have a portfolio of Verified Carbon Standard approved projects in the UK and overseas. Once you make the offset you will receive a verification certificate. (You can also offset to your own portfolio)

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