What price to protect our planet for the future?

Less than you'd think. Our clear pricing strategy includes the full start to finish measurement and consultation process.

Carbon consultancy fees

up to 150 delegates
up to 500 delegates
up to 1000 delegates

Inclusive of:

Pre-event scoping

Carbon estimate

Impact report


Validated carbon footprint

* For more than 1000 attendees or for multiple event programmes, please get in touch for a bespoke proposal.
All fees exclude VAT

Once we have calculated the carbon footprint you can make your event carbon neutral using our verified offset portfolio

Carbon offsetting, allows you to balance out your climate impact and compensate for the emissions produced from your event by reducing carbon output elsewhere. You can purchase carbon credits from our Verified Carbon Standard Portfolio which reduce carbon by either removing it from the atmosphere or preventing new emissions being created.  Your credits fund certified projects that conserve and restore rainforests, generate clean and renewable energy and increase energy efficiency.
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