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“We host two annual seminars, one in Dublin and one in London. We are keen to understand the carbon footprint of our key events and reduce their carbon impact in line with our green initiative programmes.”

Location: Dublin and London
Client: Pacific Life Re
Number of Delegates: 50 in Dublin | 80 in London


Our client was keen to lead from the front to create awareness and influence sustainable behaviours with key stakeholders in the insurance sector. With innovation and sustainability featuring on the agenda at each event, using Carbon Consultancy offered the perfect solution to shine a light on the sustainability journey Pacific Life Re has committed to.

The seminars were hosted in Dublin and London, with presentations from industry experts running throughout the day and concluding with a drinks reception post event.

Carbon reduction graphic


To start telling the story of embedding environmental sustainability into event planning it was critical to understand what the initial carbon impact was.

Working with Nikol Box, Marketing, Communications and Events Manager, we scoped out the event in detail considering travel, hospitality, the event space, and promotional materials.  The event information was through our carbon calculator and from our impact report and analysis the client was able to make more informed choices, enabling them to reduce carbon emissions from hotel accommodation, taxi journeys and the menus offered. Traditionally a disposable brochure and various documents had been produced for each event and by introducing an event app the footprint was reduced by 4.6 kgCO2e.

Feedback has been extremely positive with delegates pleased to see the move away from printed materials and the paperless, interactive check-in facility provided by the event app. Most importantly there were lots of compliments about the food selection, which had been heavily influenced by the analysis and recommendations provided by our Sustainability Specialist.

Having successfully achieved a sixty percent reduction in carbon emissions, the remaining balance was offset with our Verified Carbon Standard programmes, which include UK tree planting and protecting the Amazon, ONIL fuel-efficient stoves in Guatemala and biogas utilisation in Thailand.

‘’The topic of ESG has never been more urgent than it is now, and we all have a key strategic role to play in the entire ecosystem. For Pacific Life Re acting responsibly runs throughout our DNA and therefore we are always open minded about introducing new ways to manage our environmental impact. Sustainability is a topic that needs to consistently remain front of mind, so for us it was a natural decision to move towards events that put ESG at the heart of what we do. We are extremely pleased with the results PL Re has achieved in reducing the overall carbon footprint of our seminars by simply making meaningful changes meticulously researched by the brilliant team at Carbon Consultancy. 

The entire process from end-to-end was professionally organised and my team and I felt supported throughout the whole journey. Making a sustainable long-term change requires education too and our Sustainability Specialist demonstrated knowledge and expertise in every conversation. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Carbon Consultancy and making more positive changes.’’

Nikol Box
Marketing, Communications & Events Manager.

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