Delivering carbon reduction
for meetings & events

The benefits of bringing people together in person are clear - building communities, developing cultures and making authentic connections to fuel creativity and innovation. Now, more than ever we need to plan events with sustainability at the heart of the decision making process.

Carbon consultancy has three main aims

Measure Carbon Footprint

To enable event organisers to calculate emissions generated for an event.

Reduce Carbon impact

To provide solutions that educate, create behavioural change and deliver a reduction of emissions at events.

offset remaining carbon

To offer a range of carbon programmes which allow the remaining carbon footprint to be offset in an ethical manner.

What contributes to a typical Event's Carbon Footprint?
Venue Energy Consumption
Food & Beverage
Ancillary Services

Who is it for?

Planners of any event type can now measure the environmental impact with ease.
Conferences, conventions, exhibitions and meetings – any event you can think of!

What does it measure?

We measure every aspect of your event which creates a carbon footprint. Offering solutions that minimise their impact and offset the remaining Co2 tonnage, creating a certificated carbon neutral event.
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